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3 Good SEO Practices

SEO is much more than updating meta tags and content on a website. Although this an important step in search engine optimization, lets take a look at 3 good SEO practices that contribute to successful online marketing.

Keyword research - There are many free tools available online, my personal favorite is the Google Keyword tool . You can literally type in any word or phrase and get thousands of synonyms that will help fuel your creativity. Generic keywords like, will yield enormous results buy you can always keep digging further until you have found long tailed keywords that are relevant towards your campaign. The advantage of of using longer keywords is that you will more likely have higher conversions with less bounce rate if of course your site has a decent landing page. With generic keywords you may get traffic but the quality is diluted since it may not be specific to what the searcher is looking for exactly. 

Domain Name - You can have any domain name that is available, however unless your a specific brand choosing a domain name wisely from the beginning can reap rewards in the future. Make sure to make your domain name reflect your business with a keyword. If you have ABC company that sells motorcycle parts, perhaps choosing a domain called ABCMotorcycleParts would be beneficial. Later down the line you can create additional pages for your chosen domain to reflect cities or specific areas of your business. Something like ABCMotorcycleParts/Dallas or ABCMotorcycleParts/Tires, the sky is the limit so get creative.

Simple Website - There are so many people that spend so much time , effort, and money perfecting the look and feel of there site to make it cool. That's fine, however remember when someone lands on your site you typically have only a few seconds to get your point across about your business before the user decides to leave or stay on the site. If you have so much stuff that it looks like Chevy Chase's Christmas lights, people may be overwhelmed and more likely to search elsewhere for what they are looking for. On the other hand, if your site is simple, relevant, and to the point, users appreciate that because they don't have to guess about where to navigate or what to click to get what they want. 

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