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Advantages of SEO using Video for Local Search Engine Optimization

-Trends change daily in the search engine world of Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The relevent content of -what's happening right here-right now has changed the way we communicate and the speed at which the newest information, entertainment, and news is spread between people in communities, companies. We are all created different to learn and enjoy new things from one athother so we can  evolve excel for the well being of all man kind while we live on Earth and for future generations to come..

The best nest trend for businesses is to get in on the wave of focusing on two things:

1. Online Local Target Marketing  - Focus on engaging information that entertains all audiences yet focuses on a niche target audience (infotainment) within  in the city, town, or region you're representing.

2. Online Local Videos - Youtube is the second largest search engine nest to Google and growing as you're reading this blog, at a rate soon to pass Google as te number one seach engine. Why? or How can this be? The answer is simple, video is more captivating and engaging to consumers than reading lengthy text about a prodoct or service. Why not just click a play button and have someone show you or tell you how a product ad service works?  

Smart companies are now realizing the thrivng video trend and how it can help increase their reputation in a postive way if they do it with careful thought, time and production effort by a professional. Innovative companies  have already begun getting leaps ahead above their competition, for being pro active and staying up to par with latest online advertising trends.

Since Google owns Youtube, currenlty the second largest search engine and growing, the probablity of Google having your site on the front page in the organic listings 50% higher  with vide depending how well the rest  of your pages within your website are optimized.  Also, if you integrate your social media channels like twitter, facebook, and youtube to your home page along with other relevent links within the content you expect higher success with search engine rankings to provide more exposure in te long run.  

As you're probably aware by now, the  advertisng results are different then they were only 10 years ago.  for The days of advertising on billboards, radio, print, TV ads, and expensive PayPer Click  Sponsored ads, is not the most valuable lace to be anymore.

As you watch TV later today, notice that the commercials on television and the radio have a call to action like calling an 800# or a local number like mine at 972-999-1511. They also want you to visit their twitter and facebook pages as well. Once they have the consumers in their social media realm as "followers" or "likes" that opens up doors for  additional marketing opportunities  like digital coupons, and the use of  digital QR codes for special pricing or promotions.  

So now that you know the value of social networking ,and SEO  you will also appreciate the importance of using digital videos to promote and advertise. Videos can be produced in three simple unque ways depending on the style and quaity impression you want to leave in a potential consumers mind.

1. Create a picture to slide show format

2  Use your Smartphone or Flipcam to create a more documentary type approach

3. Use a professional video production team  to create a video segment of your busness then distribute and promote to social media outlets,  online video directories, search engines, and cloed circuit TVs.

The ultimate way to increase online advertising is to utilize My Local Buzz TV an affordable low cost investment that will provide you with the following:

-Professional Video Profile

-Distribution of  your video to youtube and Vimeo alond with30 other video directories

- Distribution to Seach Engines - Google,Yahoo, and Bing

- Distribution to Social Networkls : Facebook, and Twitter

-100,000 Local Views within a 20 mil radius of your business.


For more information on bringing your campany to the next level of marketing advertisng online, please contact Mark Pocock at or 972-999-1511

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