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Many corporations spend massive amounts of money on corporate SEO (search engine optimization) pull marketing strategies to be relevant and useful to the search engines and consumers seeking their products and services. It is important to realize that large corporations can get more for less with quality onsite and offsite SEO.

Sure you can pay an employee 60k-90k per year and if you have an SEO team the numbers can easily multiply.  Why not consider a dedicated freelance SEO to save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year while getting the best SEO? Imagine paying a freelance SEO $25,000 per year to optimize your  corporate website and stay on top of all your offsite social media needs. This is a newer concept that many corporate organization have yet to discover.

If a dedicated freelancer, like myself had an average of 6-10 corporations that just needed quality online marketing that includes SEO and Social Media Optimization, at a rate of $25,000 per corporation, then the possibilities are endless. Granted being a freelance SEO allows a limited number of accounts, however if you can find a freelance SEO that has the capacity, then by all means take advantage.

You will get more direct, dedicated service and most likely better results because your not just another customer like you are with many large advertising agencies. Consider getting more for less for your corporation and saving your corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses by hiring a freelance SEO.

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