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Google+, Skype for Facebook, Google Plus +1 Button

Google+, Skyping on Facebook, and Google’s +1 Button…Wow! All new all the time….The algorithms always change, and there are always new forms of technology being launched. How can you stay ahead of the wave and be in on the trends? Easy, just subscribe to the RSS feeds. What’s and RSS? We’ll cover that later, but it’s simply subscribing to the feed that pulls content and delivers it to your outlook or browser.

“I don’t have time, and even if I had the time I still don’t know what all this new stuff means.” “I just need a website.” These are a few remarks I hear frequently, and those who think these thoughts will be left in the foul ball area out in left field.

It’s great to have a website, however if you cannot be found then what? Um yeah…Great looking website.

Take the steps today and be a part of the growing trend of ipads, web friendly smartphones, and ever changing updates and trends about technology and SEO. The common denominator between all industries is targeted leads that turn into quality prospects, and profitable sales.

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