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Just to Satisfy You - This is the common ground in SEO, and  internet marketing. Too often we get clients and promise the world for optimizing pages on a website for certain keyword phrases however we realize the formula is never as cut and dry as we thought it would be.

The important part of search engine optimization is patients, we never want to oversell and under deliver, Be patient optimize the pages, create bookmarks, and back links and  you can eventually get where you need to be. Local search is a continued trend for SEO , so as the saying goes, "Inch by inch it's a cinch, yard by yard it's hard"

Make sure your client knows that you care and are working on their site diligently and let them know that SEO is a process not a final result. In doing so, you can develop a strong backbone in the websites you're optimizing and keep a sense of confidence in your clients.

Just because it takes time to do keyword research and analyse the competition, doesn't mean you're slow. SEO trends are always changing and in order to stay on top of the competition it's important to stay in tact with the task at hand and be persistent while doing so.

In the long run a diligent SEO expert will be able to get your website ranked for long tail key words and short tail keywords, providing you with a consistent flow of  targeted traffic. SEO is not over night, and if you have the advantage to use a smart individual or company to maximize your success, the better off you'll be in years to come.

- Mark Pocock

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