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Need a quick fix to your online marketing efforts? Want guaranteed instant search results for your website?  If you said yes to either of these questions then, quite frankly SEO is probably not what you need for your website. You would be better off spending your advertising budget on sponsored search results where about 15% of clicks take place.

Most people in the online marketing arena think they know SEO, but don't. There is a difference between slapping meta tags together along with duplicated cookie cutter content, than actual quality, laser focused Search Engine Optimization.

I see it happening too often when someone buys an SEO package and expects instant search results. There is no such thing as Microwave SEO with instant results.  If you hire a good SEO expert, give them time to research keywords, cities, and the competition in order to help you best.

SEO is a necessity, a process, and a solution to optimizing marketing budgets for businesses Nationwide.  Local search is growing fast along with mobile computing. Just a decade ago, people did not have smartphones in their pockets or tablets with the ability to check in, review, and take pictures of their favorite place share sharing it instantly on social media outlets like  facebook and twitter.

With as much access we have to the internet and ability to search instantly locally, having a website that shows up in the organic search results is important for any business.

If you want to increase revenue for your business, SEO is the answer. Keep in mind it's a process that can take 90 days or up to 6 months to start getting a significant increase in quality traffic. If you want to maximize your internet marketing budget, consider investing in SEO to maximize your success.



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