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I have businesses come to me all the time knowing they need SEO because they’ve heard the buzz about it. I’m glad to help people but I always remind them that SEO is not an instant solution, magic pill, or bullet that will make them rank well in the natural search results.


Search Engine Optimization is best considered as a strategy to help clients get the most relevant traffic and conversions for their business. Yes, it’s nice to look at your Google Analytics stats and see a lot of traffic, but when you drill down, how many of the visitors are actually interested in what you offer versus robots just crawling your site?


I always remind clients and potential customers that custom, relevant, content is key. Yes, you may get less traffic, however the traffic you do get will be higher converting traffic because it’s based on long tailed keyword phrases and is inline exactly what the searcher is looking for.


Search engines in general, especially Google are interested in creating a positive user experience. When you type what you’re looking for within Google, or even talk using the voice search option they want to display the most relevant results. This keeps people happy.


The algorithms line Panda and Penguin are there to filter irrelevant search engine results. Face it, there is always a check and balance  in businesses and in the search results. Can you imagine how you might feel searching for something and getting a result that has nothing to do with what you searched for?  


Even though SEO is a buzz and an important aspect in SEO, realize it’s a strategy, not a one time set up and go project. Offsite SEO along with onsite SEO have to work together cohesively to provide the most relevant information about your company’s niche market service, or product.


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