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SEO is a long term strategy to help your website show up in the natural search results within the search engines. Many times there are many businesses that are mislead on what search engine optimization really is. Let's take a look at some common SEO techniques that work.

A website can look fancy and be easy to navigate but there are several factors that can cause your competition to rank better even though their site is not as pretty looking. 

1. Having textual content that is unique about the page is a starter. The content should easily explain what the webpage is about, who you are, what you are offering, when you're available, where you are located, and why your services or products are unique.

2. The meta titles must be optimized correctly that have relevant keyword phrases, and indicate the location of where you're located and a few places you may serve. 

3. The more unique pages you have that have custom content, appropriate meta data, along with a few links internally and externally the better. 

4.  A google map and relevant youtube video can add value to the page.

5. Conversions are important whether you provide a contact form or a way for someone to so send their email address to subscribe to your newsletter is a great way to generate leads.

SEO does not happen overnight. it should be looked at as a long term online marketing strategy that will benefit you in the long run. Search engines can sometimes take days or months to index all your pages within the search results. It's important to take advantage of Google Webmaster tools, and Google Analytics so you can measure how your website is performing over time and focus on areas of improvement.  

Great ways to maximize SEO efforts and ranking results is to focus on local SEO. There are plenty of review and social websites that are available for free that you can easily tie in your name, address, and phone number along with a link to your website. These authoritative sites can help drive referral traffic to your website. Here are a few good local sites to consider:

Google+ Business Listing

Merchant Circle



Facebook Business Page


Search Engine Optimization can take a considerable amount of time. However, in the big picture it will be worth the time to hire an SEO or take the time to do it yourself if you want sustainable search results within the search engines. The biggest key is to stay focused on a niche product or service.

Businesses that need instant traffic and results for general keywords, the best bet is to take advantage of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) better known as paid ads, Pay Per Click (PPC)...They all mean the same thing. Literally, you can have a daily or monthly spending budget and bid the amount your willing to pay for clicks or per 1000 impressions. SEM is a great strategy in combination with SEO, but only spending your money on SEM can get very expensive if you do it long term. 

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