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Search Engine Optimization has been around for over a decade since the internet came alive. The purpose is to have your website show up in the organic search results so you can sell your products or services to businesses or consumers.

The word, SEO is perplexing to many business owners and CEOs. Their thought process is, "I know I need SEO for my website, but really don't understand it..." The simple way to think about SEO is "Sell Everything Online."

In order for ySEO "Sell Everything Online"our website to show up organically in the search results, you have to include unique content. People searching online in Google would like relevant results for what they type into the search box. The more user friendly your content is, the better your results will be.

It's equally important to focus on selling a niche product or service and start out locally for SEO. Selling Everything Online is not an instant solution, it's an ongoing process. If you are consistent at posting relevant unique content and patient, then you will reap positive organic search results.

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