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Top 3 SEO Results Take Patients | Unrealistic Expectations of Search Engine Optimization

I still find it humorous how I come across potential clients that want top 3 guaranteed SEO results and only want to pay based on performance. It seems that in the past they've had their own bad experiences with SEO that have left a bad taste in their mouths. They will come to me and say we can pay you X amount of dollars on a monthly basis if you can get us in the top 3 positions. This is fine and dandy for the less competitive keyword phrases and cities, but for a major market like Dallas/Fort Worth it's not as easy as they think it 3 seo results dallas


Furthermore, some of the clients want quick results, which is a double whammy in my book. First of all, you don't get in the top three search results within 3 months for a very competitive service industry like electricians or plumbing. Secondly, I don't guarantee results. (Nobody like to hear that). They think I'm being incompetent and lacking confidence in my abilities as an SEO when I tell them this because someone else has told them something similar before. What they fail to realize is that their competition is in the same boat and wants the same top 3 positions in the organic search results too.  

What kind of company doesn't want to be at the top of the organic search results?  Being on page one is a substantial improvement from where they use to be, and it takes many months and strategic best practices to get to the top of the organic search results for keyword phrases in major cities like Dallas/Fort Worth. 

My advice to companies looking to be in the top 3 organic search results is PATIENTS! Many companies lack this quality and want results yesterday. There is always pay per click (PPC) if they want to show up for generic keyword phrases instantly which may be a good strategy until the SEO has matured. 

I'm not the crack-cocaine of SEO. I'm not going to guarantee you top 3 natural search results in a major market like DFW for a competitive industry in 90 days, it's as simple as that. I will guarantee you will have an excellent chance of maturing into the top 3 results within 12-24 months. I do not manipulate search results or do things that are going to backfire six months from the time of implementation of SEO because of algorithm updates. 

If you want quality SEO that is going to last for years to come, then Mark Pocock, Dallas SEO is an excellent choice for your online marketing initiatives.  If you are looking for quick top 3 results within three months, you should really keep shopping for an SEO that "says" they can guarantee your unrealistic top 3 SEO results. 

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