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Organic SEO, Organic Search Results - Like Organic Gardening

If you need organic SEO for your website, be prepared to plant organic seeds so you can yield high search results. This concept is compared to planting and growing a garden that not only has beautiful flowers, but also produces luscious fruits and vegetables to eat. 

To begin with, SEO is an essential gardening tool that any smart business that needs to produce organic search results in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What's the common denominator that determines one website ranking higher than others? No, its not creating facebook ads,  or buying  sponsored advertising from Google Adwords. The correct answer is organic search engine optimization is the ultimate way to increase visitors to your website for long term.

Content is the seed to SEO success. The content must be interesting and unique while painting a visual picture to the person reading it.  Unique content generated by a single individual author is always going to give you the best long term SEO results. 

Every article you write that is unique and written from the heart is similar to a finger print that you leave. No one finger print is alike. If you need ideas on a certain topic study a few similar topics then Google what you want then write your own point of view about what you just researched.  

Before long once you've researched and understand a niche market its time to start writing or typing your ideas. At this point, you're tilling the soil getting ready to plant your seeds. When you're writing your thoughts and ideas don't worry about structure too much, you can always tweak and edit as you go.

Moreover, once you've tweaked your ideas and content its time to promote what you've written. In other words plant the seeds or content deep enough and with enough space for it to grow big.

Once you have your content planted its time to water the seeds in. How do you do this?  Start by optimizing the meta tag data with relevant keywords and keyword phrases.  Be sure to link to other pages within your site and with anchor text. make certain you have alt image tags on all your pictures describing what they are with keywords. This is a sure fire way to provide the fertilizer your garden needs to succeed.

Lastly, yet certainly not the least, create social bookmarks that are relevant to your content and website. Doing this will help with link building and allow your content to be shared by others easily. Be sure to add a youtube video about your site that is simple and to the point. Usually adding a short video under a minute is fine, and this can be done with a slideshow version. Before long your organic SEO will begin growing.

Keep making website updates daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the time you have. If you add the proper ongoing SEO maintenance you will be sure to bear the fruits of the garden in the long run.

Organic SEO is the best way to build a solid root system in the search engines and will keep you from getting lost from the weeds or spam sites...

Happy Organic Online Marketing!
Mark Pocock

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