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Video SEO is another great way to promote your business online in the organic search results in the search engines. Since Google owns Youtube they are more than happy to list your relevant video in their search results.  

A video does not have to be complex, but has to be relevant by providing keywords and links to your website.  I have created many videos on Youtube for businesses and found that the length of the video is just as important. You typically have a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer, so the video needs to be short, compelling and to the point.

With video search engine optimization, many videos can be created from a few photos to create a slide show type video that last anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and a half.  When someone sees your video in the organic search results they will be visually stimulated and more likely to follow your call to action at the end of the video and within your description.

Let's look at an example. Type affordable personal trainer Dallas in Google. You will notice that Simply Fit has a video in the organic search results and is the #1 listing, above the local search results on Google Places Maps. This video is an actual video that has been edited and optimized. It's longer than a minute but provides relevant information and keywords in the title and description to show that Simply Fit is a great choice for affordable personal training in Dallas. Here is a screen shot:

video seo 
If your online marketing efforts are important to you, I encourage you to invest in vseo, Video SEO, Video Search Engine Optimization to maximize your overall online presence in the natural search results in Google, and other search engines.

Happy video marketing!

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