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5 SEO Tips for Local SEO



SEO is essential for any business that has a  website that sells products or services. If you want to show up in the local SEO results there are some important steps you can take to help maximize your results.

1. Create a Google+ listing. A Google + listing will help you gain more visibility in the local results. Google will base search results off your IP address so if you're in the Dallas area making a search inquiry it will show you results locally in the Google Pack (top 7 map listings) above the organic search results. Complete your Google+ business page to 100%. Add a relevant description, hours, phone number, URL, and photos that reflect your business. Don't be confused by a personal Google+ profile and a Google+ business page. You'll create a personal profile first then have the option to create additional pages which is indeed your actually Google+ business page. 

2. Maximize On-page Optimization - The actual onsite optimization is very important especially for the home page.Ask yourself if the site easy to navigate, the content is easy to read, and if the pictures or videos reflect the site's purpose. Make sure your photos include alt text with a keyword phrase. Write content that makes sense. if it makes sense to you it will make sense to others that land on the site. Avoid writing for the search engines, what happens is you will end up over indulging in keywords phrases and it will sound awkward when someone reads the content. Try to be creative and use variations of keyword phrases you are striving to rank for. The more unique and original the content is the better chances you will rank higher organically. Make sure you link the keyword phrases to other pages on the site and have one or two links going to authoritative sites like Google+ page and other types of review type websites that tell ore about your services or products. 

3. Meta Titles and Descriptions - These will tell the search engines what your site is about and will show up visually in the organic search results. The meta titles should include a relevant keyword phrase, location, and name of your business. Make sure the meta title is different for each page on your website. The meta descriptions are equally important. Make sure the describe the actual page your optimizing. The meta descriptions allow you to provide more in depth details and are usually a couple of sentences. You can also include keyword phrases, a location, and what your business is about. You can avoid using the keyword meta tag, as many search engines don't use those as ranking factors any longer and more often as a spam signal which can possibly hinder your organic search results. 

4. NAP (Name Address Phone) The name, address, phone number of your business is also an essential element in ranking well organically. They need to be consistent across the board. If your address is 1234 Broadway Street, Dallas, TX 75201 then make sure it's like that for every channel you have. Avoid putting 1234 Broadway St, Dallas, Texas, or even worse having an old address on a site that is completely different. Consistency is key to matching the website. If you have multiple locations that's fine too just make sure the corresponding landing page has an accurate NAP associated to your multi-channel listings. 

5. Mobile Friendly - Just because your website shows up on a mobile device does not mean it's mobile optimized. This is important for conversions and maximizing the end-users experience.. You can double check your website to see if it's currently mobile friendly with Google's Mobile Friendly Test. Even if you pass the mobile friendly test ask yourself the same thing you would for a desktop site. Id the site easy to read and navigate? Is it appealing to the eye? How easy is it to make contact by calling a phone number, emailing, or completing a website form? The easier and better it looks to you, the better experience the end users will have creating more conversions and less bounce rates. Make sure the site speed for both the mobile and desktop version is quick. Nothing will frustrate users more than a slow loading website. More often than not photos and certain forms of  flash and java could cause the website to be too slow. 

5 tips for local SEO

There are many other factors that can go along with optimizing a website, however keeping these 5 core values in optimizing your website will give you a solid foundation for successfully ranking locally for your niche market or service. To learn more about SEO or get an SEO Quote in the Dallas area contact Mark Pocock at 214-293-4481. 


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