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5 Ways to Optimize your On-Page SEO


Five Ways to Optimize On-page SEO

 five ways to optimize onsite content with SEO

1. Write relevant content that is tied to your topic and niche. You have no idea how many websites I come across that the content is a soup pool of keywords or stuff that sounds like a fourth grader that drank one too many glasses of Kool-aide wrote.

2. If you upload images rename the images. It might be tedious to rename each individual photo, but it will have a positive impact for your overall search presence. It may be easier to bulk upload, but be sure to rename your photos with relevant keywords and phrases first.

3. When creating anchor text make it relevant and unique, not generic. If you can create your HTML text that have long tailed keyword phrases. This will help you become more relevant and will have a stronger impact than just trying to create links for general terms. 

4. Make sure your titles of the content either have an H1 tag (Header Tag) or a bold larger font title that is short, clear, and concise that is relevant to your specific niche and correlates with whatever topic you are focusing on.

5. The site architecture must be appealing to the eye. If the website is easy to navigate, has relevant content, and pictures, more likely than not you will get more quality traffic that will fill out that lead form which hopefully converts to a sale for you. 


SEO is a strategy not a vaccine. With search engine optimization there is a lot of trial and error, but staying on top of the latest search trends and implementing best SEO practices will help you to weather the ever changing algorithm updates that occur so often. Be consistent, relevant, and proactive in promoting the website for best SEO results. There is never a guarantee in SEO. If you think you're going to rank overnight for short generic terms, then SEO may not be suitable for you. 

If you have patients, the ability to persevere, and have consistent, creative, relevant, content then SEO can be an excellent investment for the strategic elements of getting more business for your company.



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