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Developing Your Organic Search Strategy

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Five Examples of On-Page Optimization

1. Create original fresh unique content that is relevant and at least 500 words in length on at least the home page and additional pages on the site if possible.

2. The targeted keyword phrase is included in the headline or H1 tag.

3. The target keyword phrase is repeated three to 10 times within the content using synonyms and making the content user friendly and understandable to the reader.

4. Images contain alternate text with the target keyword phrases.

5. The location must be consistent. The name, address, and phone number (NAP) should reflect exactly the same on all pages. It’s important they match any off-page/citation profiles created.

Five Examples of Off-Page Optimization

1.Create social networking profiles on social networks like MerchantCircle, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social networking websites are authoritative will increase relevancy and add value to your business to help spread the word because people will often share and like your information increasing your initial exposure.

2.Blogging can be very powerful as an off-page optimization technique because it allows your to write about specific niche topics that are relevant to your brand or business. Original fresh content is many people are seeking in regards to search queries. The search engines also thrive on having custom unique content on a consistent basis as well.

3.Video Promotion on sites like youtube can have a very influential value. Google owns youtube, so if you provide a relevant title, and create a link within your description to your website your video has a good chance of ranking in the organic search results for a specific keyword phrase.

4.Local Listings - Start small with local search by creating local search profiles for Google+, Bing local, and Yahoo local. Local search is growing rapidly, so it’s important to tackle locally before expanding globally for better traction in the big picture.

5.Forum Answers - If you create a signature with a link to your website chances are if you answer relevant questions related to your niche, your answer will have value and stick to the forum. People will be more likely to be curious and check your link out if they perceive you as having knowledge or providing value in regards to a specific topic.



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