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Link Building Overview

Dallas SEO Link Building

Overview of Link Building


According to The Beginners Guide to SEO - Moz, link building is like the streets or avenues the search engines use to find your website. Search engines can discover how pages coincide with each other and how they are related through sophisticated algorithms. Links to your website can be implemented through spammy websites as well as authoritative websites. The more relevant and unique the content is on your website, blog post, or forum the more likely the content will linked to authoritative websites like Google+, Blogger, or a website that is authoritative regarding a specific niche market. The following types of link building methods are most common: (Moz)


Natural Link Building:

The more unique relevant content that is created regarding a specific niche market the better chances your website will be linked to an authoritative website naturally. There is nothing specific that needs to be done by an SEO or content writer to link the websites besides creating content that is original and relates to a specific market. More often than not an authoritative website will pick up the content created and link naturally to the website. (Moz)


Manual Link Building

Sometimes a webmaster may manually try to build links by emailing specific websites, submit to directories, or pay to link their websites. This method is referred to as manual link building. In general this can be an effective method, as long as you do it correctly. Usually, paying for links will backfire as the sites the website gets linked to are spammy websites with no authoritative value. Emailing other webmasters might seem like a good idea but can be very time consuming and spammy. Directory submission is a gamble because you don’t always know if your submission will be approved. Sometimes the directory links to other non relevant websites that can eventually devalue your search ranking results. There are consistent algorithm updates that search engines implement frequently in order to weed out non relevant or duplicated content websites may have. Paying for links can be good if you’re linking original content to authoritative websites. Other than that paying for links can backfire, as you may look at analytics and think you’re getting tons of traffic but as you dig deeper in research you will find out the sites linking to your website have nothing do with your niche market. (Moz)


Self Created Link Building

In some cases links can be built with blog comments, forum signatures, as well as user profiles. It’s important to know that many search engines devalue this kind of link building, unless it’s relevant to specific niche or topic that is user friendly and unique content. The last thing you want to do is create a bunch of irrelevant self created links and get penalized from the search engines, to make your website rank lower within the natural search results. (Moz)


Link Building versus On-Page Optimization Techniques


There is not a one sized fits all solution regarding link building versus onpage optimization techniques. Being diverse with a mix of original content and links to authoritative websites can be very effective with overall SEO strategy. If you combine unique social profiles, relevant blog questions along with user friendly unique content on your website it can be very powerful to the overall effectiveness of ranking organically well. (Moz)


Three Advantages to Link Building


1. Awareness to your website -  Link building can bring awareness to the website as a particular website or quote mentioned in an article or social media can spark interest to your website which will help more people become familiar with your website. (Moz)


2. Company linking - A company may want to link to your website if you mention them in an article, blog, or on page content. Many companies have online monitoring service that will detect if their brand or company is mentioned online. If the content or mention is relevant than the company will be more likely to link your website. (Moz)


3. More Traffic - Having traffic is one thing, but having quality traffic from referral websites can increase sales. Authoritative websites that link your webpage can have a positive impact on quality leads that can turn into sales for your business. (Moz)


Three Advantages of On Page Optimization


1. Quality Content - Content that is well written is linkable and people are more likely to be engaged with relevant information they are searching for online. Getting tons of traffic means nothing if the website is not user friendly and refined to what the searcher is looking for. (Moz)


2. High Demand - Search engines crave original content that is user friendly and relevant to what a searcher is looking for. On page optimization is beneficial for the supply and demand factor. All too often many websites, copy textual content and post it across many link building platforms which creates duplicate content that can hinder overall search rankings. It’s most important, to be consistent with creating unique relevant content. Most people will respect you more and you may be more easy to remember if you create original content on a specific subject in your own point of view. (Moz)

3. Higher Conversion - Unique content on a website can have a significant impact on sales if it’s relevant. In most cases pages that are niched to a specific demographic, target audience, and topic will create more interest over time. If the original content is useful to the user and search engine friendly people are more likely to complete a lead form or buy a particular product or service. (Moz)

Best Method - On Page Optimization or Link Building?


The ultimate way to create more leads, quality traffic, and conversions to sales is creating quality on-site content. The content that is well written, and has inbound and outbound links will have a better chance of ranking well for search results that compliment exactly what a searcher is looking for online. Long tailed keyword searches may not get as much traffic, however the traffic that does come will be more likely to convert, because it’s fine tuned to exactly what the person is searching for within the organic search results. Additionally, content that ties into local search will be more beneficial than any generic content. Most search engines focus on consistency with a businesses’ (NAP) Name Address and Phone Number. These factors coinciding with good content can help create positive organic search results that tie to a specific business. (Social Media Today)

Examples of good on page optimization


1. Google “In House Financing Houston” - The organic search results have Carnes Motor Company within the top 5 search rankings. The main reason this occurs is because of domain age, and quality content that helps the website rank well for that specific search term as well as variations of similar search terms. (Carnes Motor Company)


2. Google “ Atlanta Ford dealer” - The organic search results show that Wade Ford is a top ranking website for that specific search for this specific search term along with variations. The main reason for this is the home page has unique content that is well written, along with meta data that is relevant, clear, concise and geared towards a specific market. (Wade Ford)

Overview of Building a successful Link Building Campaign


A successful link building campaign can be built with creating relevant, unique content that is geared towards a specific niche. Once the content is created on a website, the next steps is to promote the website. The website can be promoted by creating social media profiles along with blog and forum posts that coincide with a specific topic. The more user friendly and original the content is the better chances there are for top websites to pick up the content and link to your website. Linking to authoritative websites that are relevant to a particular niche will have a significant impact on creating quality traffic. Once this is done, linking to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs will help draw more attention to your website as the original source. Lastly, custom on-site content that is original is more likely to be bookmarked and shared by others for a specific niche market. (Moz)


Best Practices for Link Building


1. Create original content on blogs, forums, and on your website

2. Use Google+ to follow others, +1 and share other people’s post along with sharing original content.

3. Take advantage of Youtube. Many people are visual learners and would rather listen and watch about how to do something rather than simply read about it. (Moz)


Link Building To Avoid


1. Avoid buying links. Often people selling link exchanges, will guarantee traffic, but the problem is the method is automated and before long your website is linked to hundreds of other websites that having nothing to do with the topic of your content or website theme.


2. Keyword Stuffing - Do not create a bilk list of keywords and try to stuff them into your web page. The search engine algorithms will catch this and flag it as potential spam signal that can hinder your overall web site rankings and even get you banned from showing up in the search results.


3. Copying content - Search engines do not want multiple results of the exact same content. When creating content it’s always more valuable to be creative and make your own content based off research for more sustainable results. Duplicate content dilutes the original content and can devalue the search engine ranking results. (Moz)




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