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What to do if you have High Traffic & Low Conversions

Does your website bring tons of traffic but you have very little conversions? Besides the layout of your website which can have an impact, many websites today are being bombarded with bots. If you are looking at a high level overview of traffic to your website but are not getting any sales, leads or phone calls there could several issues.

The first issue that is a new common denominator with many websites is they are getting traffic from robots, aka "bots'. These are crawlers  that crawl your website and scan for information but produce no value to the organic search results. Common bots include and These bots will come in as referral traffic if you are looking within Google Analytics. The best way to have these bots from screwing up your metrics is to filter them out within Google Analytics. For the most part there is no way to actually block the bots from crawling your website unless you specifically block all robots from crawling your page through the robots.txt file. Of course this would hinder your chances of good "bots" like Google-bot (Google's crawler robot) from accessing your site too. An easy way to notice bots within Google Analytics is looking at the average site duration and bounce rate. More often than not irrelevant traffic will have a bounce rate of 75% or more along with an average time of less than 1 minute.

high traffic low conversion rate

Another false sense of traffic many many see may come from direct. Direct traffic is fine but it means someone found you by typing your domain instead of searching for you within the organic search results. Sometimes, businesses may have their website automatically populated on the internet at the business place every-time someone connects to their network. This could cause a high number of direct traffic which is not accurate with the results  of true quantified traffic. To eliminate direct traffic from your own place of business filter out the IP address of your business within your Google Analytics account. If you don't know your IP address just go to Google and type, "what is my IP address" and Google will tell you your IP address.

Being able to see real metrics is much easier to swallow, compared to seeing your website get 3000 visits per day  with zero conversions, sales, or leads. Start digging deeper to see whats underneath the hood of your website. Once you start seeing trends you can determine what metrics are worthy and other metrics that may be worth filtering out.



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