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Freelance SEO

Freelance Search Engine Optimization Services are a fantastic way for you to get SEO for your website without having to hire someone in house as an employee.  Many times a freelance SEO will complete the required amount of work for a flat fee on a project basis or even an hourly charge. The advantage of having someone as  a freelance search engine optimization consultant is that they can work at there own pace and are not tied down to coming into an office environment to perform their work. 

Most freelance SEO people I know, work from home and have all the tools and are in their comfort zone for providing the best SEO service for your business. As long as you are able to get analytic reporting from the beginning and throughout the project as a way to benchmark where you started and the improvements can be documented over time. 

Beware of freelance SEO people that are overseas or offer guaranteed results for competitive basic keywords in a short time frame. In most cases, the SEO takes a minimum of 90 days to start seeing significant results. In addition, there is no guarantee that your listing is going to be at the top.

For best results I've found that long tailed keywords gives you an advantage in ranking and more conversions to your website. Fore example, the word "financing" is a broad general keyword that could mean financing homes, autos, boats, or anything for that nature. Even if you ranked for that specific keyword you may get traffic but no conversions to customers. A better way would be to utilize a long tailed keyword like"in house financing". this term is specific enough to know that it most likely applies to automotive financing. Thus, if you had an automotive website that sold cars and did your own financing  you would have more of a return on on investment.

Anyhow, with freelance SEO, there are many options and you don't have to worry about and human resource issues either. Just be sure to to some adequate research before just hiring any one to do your freelance search engine optimization services.

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