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As we all know online marketing is essential for any business that wants new customers for this day and age.  Back in the day, companies would spend thousands of dollars on radio, television, and billboard advertising. As we are coming to an end of 2012, more small businesses have adopted to online marketing as their main source of advertising.

It's one thing to spend thousands of dollars per month on sponsored pay per click ads on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, however that's not necessarily going to provide the type of quality traffic you need. Now days, competition is heavy and hard, and would you believe that sometimes your very own competition will purposely click your ads to make them stop showing. Go figure...It's ugly and getting uglier as it ends up costing a business thousands of dollars per month for wasted clicks because their daily budget was maxed out.

How do avoid pay per click fraud? The simple answer is not to partake in any pay per click sponsored advertising. However if you are getting some targeted traffic that turn into actual customers and pay for your advertising you're dong well. In most cases, any business creating an significant return on investment for PPC either is not paying attention to their spending budget or has a really expensive product or service that money is really not an issue.

For most cost effective companies that want to make every dollar count, SEO is a wise choice for online marketing. Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science, nor do you have to be a brain surgeon in order to do it. What you do have to have is time and patients. Time meaning, the time to research and implement the necessary attributes to make your website searchable online. Patients meaning, that just because you've completed all the necessary actions and marketing tactics, significant results will not occur overnight.

SEO is a lot like a good bottle of wine, the older the bottle the better, same goes with a domain name and website. A website that has unique, well written, relevant content overtime will have much better rankings in the organic search results than a freshly made website with copy cat content.

I can't urge businesses enough to devote more effort to SEO for long term marketing success. Yes, the traditional methods work, and I am not saying not to utilize them but you only get so much bang for your buck. A 30 second ad on a Super Bowl commercial can cost millions, yes you may get immediate customers but what about six months later? Potential clients aren't still thinking about a commercial, they are going to the search engines on their new ipad, iphone, notebook, laptop, or whatever to find the most relevant company or product that they want to buy.

Anyhow, take advantage of long term advertising, and utilize online marketing the best you can with quality search engine optimization from an SEO expert that has learned the system and can stay on top of the endless changes on search algorithms.

Mark Pocock
Dallas SEO/Online Marketing
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