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SEO Dallas TX – Are you looking to get the most out of your website? Perhaps it looks great and you’ve spent a great deal of time and money making it look exactly how you want it. There is just one thing that seems to be missing and that would be targeted traffic to your website. 

Many people will resort to using pay per click (PPC) as a means to drive quality traffic to their website. What ends up happening is it gets really expensive really fast.  Most of the key words you are trying to target are also being targeted by other competitive companies using the pay per click method as well. In order for someone to click on your website you end up spending 75 cents to a $1.50 per click. Well if your budget is $10.00 per day that’s not going to get you very far if you’re getting an average of 10 clicks per day. Imagine ABC Company selling a product that cost twenty dollars. If ABC company is lucky to have a popular product that might have a 10% conversion rate. Well the 10 clicks that cost ABC Company $10 paid off only if that one person buys the $20 dollar product. The truth is most people do not have a 10% conversion rate, its’ more like 3% to 5%. With this being said you would have to increase your daily budget even more. By the time everything is said and done your paying $20 per day or $600 per month on promoting a $20 product.  You basically will just break even at the end IF your conversion rate is 5% you would sell 30 products at $20 each.  Your profit is ZERO.I think PPC is only good on a very short term basis. If you are selling Halloween mask in only the month of October it could be beneficial for your website.

On the other hand the natural search results is what studies have shown to get the most clicks in Google, yahoo, and Bing. In fact, 82% of all clicks take place in the top 10 search results.  The rest might click on the sponsored pay per click ads. Think about when you search for something online. Where do you click the majority of the time when looking for results?

This is where search engine optimization better known as SEO comes in to play for the potential customers and your pocket book.  What my clients were paying in 2-3 months with pay per click they are paying me for an entire year with three times as much targeted website traffic. I perform SEO in the Dallas area and serve cities and businesses all across the DFW metroplex. SEO is not rocket science, but it does take time and effort to research keywords and keyword phrases to optimize a website. Google changes their algorithms consistently. It is important to keep up with the latest developments of SEO and keep correcting the coding as times change.  Search engine optimization is the best thing any business can do for their website if you are promoting a product or service of any kind. You will find your competition being left behind with the investment of SEO.

Every single one of my clients have seen a return on investment that has paid for their SEO services.  On average it takes one to two index cycles (60-90 days) to begin seeing significant results within the search engines once the SEO is in place.

If you’re looking to save money from expensive Pay Per click advertising and want to utilize my SEO services in the DFW area I encourage you to visit my website, and fill out the contact form. You’ll be glad you did. You can also call 214 293-4481 and I will call you back personally to discuss your website and the current advertising budget you’re working with.

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