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Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that many people have heard about but don't know exactly what it entails and how it works. Basically, SEO is a process in which you correct your meta tags on your website and add relevant content to your web pages. This SEO process involves keyword research and trends to get the most unique niche rankings of your business. A side dish, and an important piece of the puzzle of SEO is Social Networking which includes social media outlets like  Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Word Press, and YouTube. 

Let's begin with SEO and see why it's important. Think about food in terms of dinner. When we have a steak dinner  are our side dishes going to be greenbeans and ice cream? Although that sounds interesting, you are better off keeping it relevant by having greenbeans and something like mash potatoes on the side. The same goes for a website, if you are promoting a product or service and it includes something that is not part of your industry you may find people having second thoughts about your business. Staying relevant in a niche allows you to maximize all aspects of your business and will allow you to get better rankings in the organic search results, on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your visitors will apreciate your website better and be more likely to refer your site with fiends and social media options like facebook, twitter, and on their blog. Once others start apprciate user friendly site navigation and relevant content on what they are looking for the possibilities are endless.

Ok so now that the SEO is set up on your website, it's equally important to keep fresh content and updates. There are many ways to do this through social networking. Twitter is short messages and updates that you cann link to your site and provide relevant updates anytime, even from your mobile phone. Facebook allows you to post a little more as well and have a more detailed profile about yourself, including your business. Other popular ways include blogging from either Word Press or Blogger. For video, which search engines love, YouTube can open up many doors and you have the ability to upload video directly from your cell phone to your channel. It's always wise to include a link to your site in all your videos and also to include a link to your social media channels on your website.

Once people notice new relevant content focusing on your specials about your niche product and service, you're on your way to having a well optimized site that will eventually get better ranking in the big picture in the natural search results. Keep it simple, keep it relevant, and most of all have fun with it.

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