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SEO vs PPC Advertising

There are many ways to advertise on the internet if you are trying to sell a product, service, or obtain leads. If you're going to spend any money on internet advertising what's the best method and return on investment for your advertising budget? PPC (PayPer Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or both?

To begin with PPC advertising is considered sponsored advertising. The sponsored ads that you see on the top and right of the organic search results are known as Pay Per Click advertising. Simply put, you're paying to have your website show up for certain keywords. You are paying when someone either clicks on your ad, for the impression, or if someone calls the phone number in your ad. If you have a strong marketing budget PPC advertising can be lucrative, but expect to pay a pretty penny before you start seeing any significant leads or people buying your product or service.

Many companies are pay $10,000 per month or more on sponsored advertising alone and ignoring SEO all together. My advice if for these companies to analyze there trends and online marketing reports. Ask yourself, could I be showing for the same keyword or multiple keywords and phrases in the organic search results? I'm guessing, if they knew they could they would do it without thinking twice.

Some SEO companies are very expensive, and some are very cheap. Where can you even begin if you needto implement SEO to your website? My advice is to hire someone who does freelance SEO to take care of all your SEO needs. Most of the time you can pay the SEO an initial upfront fee to get started,  then pay on an ongoing monthly basis. Make sure you do enough research to know the SEO that you are doing business with is not over promising and under delivering results. SEO is a process,not a one time fix.

The advantage of SEO vs PPC is that with search engine optimization you have the opportunity to have multiple listings on the top 10-20 in the organic search results, where on average 85% of all clicks take place. In addition, it does not matter how often your website is clicked, you are not charged. If you really want to save money you could implement SEO yourself, however most companies don't have the time or resources to apply theses tactics in an effective way.

Lastly, an advantage of SEO compared to PPC is that you don't have to worry about pay per click fraud. The practice of your competitors physically clicks your ads or using automated robots to clicks your ads until your dailybudget is reached so your ad will not show. How can you avoid this? There are ways, however it's not easy. The best way is to stick to organic search engine optimization for security and higher conversions.

Taking advantage of SEO can not only save you mone, but provide a business revenue source that builds overtime increasing profits and return on investment. It's literally pennies on the dollar compared to PPC. Granted you can get faster results utilizing pay per click advertising, but it's best used if you're using it on a short term basis.

Perhaps if you're running a special for a month during the holidays, PPC can provide some extra boost to the type of traffic you get as long as you optimize your ad accordingly. For long term results solid like a house built on a rock that can weather the storms SEO is hands down the ultimate way to go in online marketing.

Mark Pocock
Dallas SEO Internet Marketing Consultant
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