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Various Aspects of Online Marketing

Various Aspects of Online Marketing


SEO - Search engine optimization is important for a website to have included as their online marketing strategy. When a website is optimized it has unique relevant content, relevant links from authoritative websites, images with alt text, robots.txt file, and meta title and description tags that include keyword phrases. Once a website has these onsite components the potential for ranking within the search engines can increase. If a company wants to rank for local search results, then SEO can have a significant impact on the ranking factors. The website can potentially do well when utilizing long tailed keyword phrases as the services and products being advertised are more niched toward exactly what the audience is searching for.


PPC - Pay per click is another popular method of search engine marketing. This method displays your ad in the search engines on the top and side of the pages and is usually marked as a sponsored ad. Once a website is optimized integration of paid advertising can help increase conversion rates for a website. The best way to capitalize on using pay per click advertising is to have a landing page that coincides with a specific product or niched service. Utilization of long tailed keywords will help streamline your pay per click advertising by costing you less per click. it’s much better to get less traffic with higher conversions than a bunch of traffic and people leave your site because its not what they were looking for. Pay per click advertising can be expensive, but initiating the right strategy can help increase conversion rates that can create leads and turn into sales.


Social Marketing - Social Marketing is an essential part of offsite search engine optimization. In order for a website to rank well it’s equally important to constantly promote the website with fresh, unique, relevant content. This can be done in several ways such as blogging, youtube videos, and creating Google+ (Google My Business) page. There are tons of social marketing vehicles available and its important to keep in mind that you don't have to use all the vehicle to be successful. The important part is to have profiles set up for each social media page that portrays an accurate description with unique relevant content along with a link to your original website or specific landing pages within your website. Consistency is a huge factor with social marketing, it’s important to engage the audience and be the voice of the brand. Rather than trying to sell your product or service which people perceive as spammy, its best to provide customer service and create engagement with incentives and contest. People love content and winning, so if the audience is truly engaged they will most likely share your social page with their friends and family. The process can streamline and before long people will remember you and want to do business with you because you’re providing value and something that’s enticing.


Email Marketing - Email marketing is a very streamlined marketing concept that can help businesses get a client that is interested eventually make a purchase. It’s important to have an email list that people have opted in. The best way to obtain these is by having a simple lead for on your website landing page so people can learn more or contact you. On the form there can be an opt in box that allows for you to send them emails about the product or service. Once interested people have completed the form eventually the email list will grow and you will be able to send personalized emails or newsletters to an audience that has shown interest. The email, should not be really about selling as it comes across as spammy. Instead, the emails should be more about providing value or having a contest to keep the audience engaged. In most cases consistency with email marketing can lead to increased targeted visitors to your website that will turn into customers. 


How these products tie together as a cohesive online marketing strategy


SEO, PPC, Social Marketing, and Email Marketing can all tie together for a cohesive marketing strategy because they cover all aspects. Search engine optimization can help a website show on the first page of in the organic search results. When a potential client lands on the website they may complete a lead form or make a purchase for that can be used for email marketing to send out newsletters and reminders of specials. Pay Per Click advertising can be a enhance overall value of marketing by using retargeting ads that show up on youtube videos and other social platforms.


Steps for Online Marketing Plan


Step 1 - Think of what you’re promoting. Whether it’s a product or service creating a niche product or service will create more targeted traffic that leads to conversions.


Step 2 - Think about the target audience and how they fit in with the product or service you’re promoting. Things like age, race, gender, income, demographics, and psychographic information about the target audience lifestyle will make it easier to formulate the online marketing plan.


Step 3 - Optimize the website. You will need to have a name, address, and phone number (NAP) that is consistent across all avenues of online marketing including citation and review websites. The optimized website should have unique content, inbound and outbound relevant links, along with short and long tail keyword phrases to be most effective.


Step 4 - Create social marketing channels. This can include a business facebook page, Google + (Google My Business) page, Youtube Channel, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. There are now tons of social media avenues, there is no reason to try and create tons of profile if you don't have the time to manage them all. just pick a few and engage the audience as much as possible by providing valuable, relevant information. Each profile should contain a unique description of your product or service (not duplicated) and have a link back to your original optimized website.


Step 5 - Create some PPC campaigns in Google Adwords using long tailed keywords. Depending on your niche market use the Google keyword tool or Google Trends to find out average search volume and get ideas for other long tailed keyword phrases to capitalize on.

Make the ads with a call to action, and very relevant to the landing page for best results.


Step 6 - To capture potential customers in your target audience email marketing can help.  They may come to your website but not may not make a purchase but if a simple lead form is utilized that gives you permission to send them newsletters or specials you will have a higher chance of getting a sale in the future. The same goes for those that do make a purchase, you have the opportunity to utilize email marketing and create loyal customers that may come back and make more purchases in the future.


Overview of how online marketing tactics complement each other

Online marketing tactics work together cohesively to prove a funnel of targeted traffic into your website. Many times marketers will compete against themselves because they think they need multiple websites talking about the same thing. This tactic only dilutes the potential of having a steady streamline of targeted visitors coming to one website. The best way is to be consistent with branding, and unique relevant content when utilizing online marketing channels with review and citation websites. The more consistent and relevant your information is across the board promoting your niche product or service the better your website will rank organically and the better your conversions will be.


Analysis of current online marketing trends

Google+ now known as Google My Business is on the way of becoming a powerful force for online marketing. You can create your brand name and promote your niche to the entire world easily. There has been debate as to whether or not Google+ has an influence on ranking, but none the less taking advantage of it can help. You have the opportunity to maximize within the local search results within Google. Local search is on a steady increase as people are looking for relevant results and want people that can provide and product or service locally. Additionally, mobile and tablet search is consistently growing so it’s equally important to make sure the website is mobile responsive to maximize on conversions. Creating a niche product or service for online marketing is the best way to maximize your success with current online marketing trends. 

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