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SEO, Online Marketing and The End of The World...

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SEO , Online Marketing and The End of the World

"It's the end of the world as we know it" or is it? Truth is nobody really knows the exact time or date of the end of the world. So many people speculate that December 21,2012 is the of the world because of the Mayan Calendar ending. Guess what, at the end of each year after the last day of the month, guess what happens? A new year begins!

Now if you're one of "those" people who believe they know the exact time of the end of the world, then more power to you. However, it's best not to speculate and take each day as a gift because all of our lives are short on earth.

Anyhow, enough of that, lets talk about your online marketing efforts for 2013, if the end of the world doesn't decide to come. Where is your website listed in the search engines? How much money do you spend on your advertising budget? Do you want your competition to take all the customers because you were too lazy to do anything with your website or SEO

First of all, if you have a website that gets some traffic, you're on the right path, however you and I both know that you either are paying for the traffic or the traffic you are getting is robots or spam traffic. I am not going to try to sell you anything, I just want to make sure you know what you are paying for verses what your are getting. Is the money you spend really turning a profit? Is your return on investment significant?

The cost of SEO can vary upon many factors of how big a website is and how much of a budget you have for advertising. I will tell you that SEO is the only online marketing that will yield the highest return on investment for your advertising dollars. Search Engine Optimization pays for itself and much more. Not to mention it's a business tax write off. So are you still waiting for the end of the world or for Jesus Christ to return?

All that I can say is that if you have not utilized SEO for your website, then you are leaving money on the table for your competition. If you are spending all your advertising budget on sponsored ads where they charge you if someone clicks your ad, then you, my friend might as well hand out $20 bills to people under the bridge at the busy intersection in downtown.

I'm also pretty sure you're getting those annoying emails from SEO people from India claiming they will bring you number 1 rankings overnight, and they analyzed your site, and you will get a free report if you reply and give them all your information.  Do you trust them? Do you know anything about them? If that's the kind of SEO firm you want then go right ahead.

You may also get SEO firms that are local contacting you or calling you saying they've done research for keywords when searching online and tell you everything that is wrong with your site and that they are there to help. Do you really want to do business with people that spam you have no clue about SEO? Most of those people are simply selling SEO services for a local firm and do not have any idea what they are talking about or what really goes into providing quality search engine optimization. They simply just want the sale, and will tell you anything and over promise and under deliver so they can get a commission. 

With the ugly truth about the reputation of SEO spammers, there are real people, like myself that are local, and willing to take the time and effort to provide the best search engine optimization for your website.  SEO is not an overnight process. For real quality SEO it takes months and years to research, create, maintain, and tweak on a regular basis to stay on par with the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes that are always taking place.

Maybe you had SEO in the past, and you got to where you needed to be so you quit paying for SEO services. This happens quite a bit, but you are only shooting yourself in the foot if you decide to abandon your online marketing efforts because you think you are safe and comfortable in a certain spot on Google with a certain keyword. Think again, your comfortable spot can literally change over night, because of update like Panda and Penguin that Google is proactively rolling out at least on a monthly basis now.

SEO is not a silver bullet, and there are no short cuts, nor exact methods to making your site relevant to the search engines. Quality content, linking, and social media, play a big part in SEO. If  you want to succeed with online marketing, it''s best to seek someone that will help you long term. You don't have to have an employee, unless you want to, there are many freelancers available that can provide just as good quality online marketing that you can pay by the hour, by the month, or on a project basis.

There are those that watch things happen, those that let things happen, and those that make things happen. Which are you? Are you going to watch and wait for the end of the world to avoid SEO  for your website? Or are you going to be proactive and reach out and make a real difference in your online marketing efforts? The choice is yours, time will not wait for you...

Best of luck,

Mark Pocock
Online Marketing/SEO Strategist
MP Website Solutions


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