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SEO is quickly becoming the key focus of many small businesses with website who are trying to promote their products and services locally. Consumers are more likely to conduct some kind of research online about pricing or reviews about a company before actually going spend their money.

With the help of search engine optimization companies can dominate their niche markets in their local city by having the right meta tag information and keyword rich content relevant to their service or product.  Let’s take the search term, “Custom tattoo Rockwall” and search with Google. You will notice a tattoo video from youtube in the organic search results as well as Elle Godard Tattoos as the #1 listing in the organic search results. Even though they are the same person doing tattoos, Google has them listed twice on the 1st page of the organic search results. Also included is Vain Custom Tattooing which is Elle’s Facebook page in the organic search results for the same search.  

So as you can see there are 3 listings on the front page out of 10 organic search results, greatly increasing the likely hood of someone using Elle Godard Tattoos as their custom tattoo artist. The use of social media, Video, and old fashioned onsite search engine optimization can work wonders for any business with a specific niche within a particular city. Take advantage of SEO by contacting MP Solutions at 972-999-1511.

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