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New Features from Google - Voice Search, Images Search, and Instant Pages


Google is getting smarter and more innovative with the way we search online. Today Google announced some new enhancements that will make browsing the internet even easier. You're probably wondering how can searching the web become easier than it already is? The secret is keeping it simple like Google tends to do, which is why they own 65.5% of the United States Web Search Market according to comScore.

The first new feature is going to be searching by voice. How is this possible you ask? Well you see Google has some connections in the smartphone world and has used this to leverage their new idea.

Currently the beta is being used with Google Chrome, but essentially a small microphone will appear allowing users to search with voice. Not a bad idea if you're in a situation where you are unable to type.

The voice recognition tool is supposed to be able to recognize different languages and accents, however with all technology there will always be some tweaking involved to make the feature even better. Take a look on how Google Voice works. 

The next cool feature is now offering is designed for photos and images. You can take and picture from the web or upload an image from your computer and paste it in the Google image browser. Once you do this you will see in depth information about the photo like where the location is and other interesting information. It’s almost like being an investigative reporter if you think about it. Check out the Google Image feature here.

Lastly, Google now has Instant Pages which is build within Google Chrome . Basically when it comes to browsing the web we have the need for speed. With Google Instant the pages are loaded 5-7 seconds faster than when you normally search and pull up a web page. I mean come on those 5- 7 seconds are very important if your looking to save time out of your day browsing the web.  Take a look at the amazing benefits of Google Instant here.

In the light of Father Day approaching this weekend, my Dad once told me that "there are little differences between men (and women), however the little differences make the big difference."

Google's little differences with speed, and a dynamic approach to make our lives easier when browsing the web, is what make Google the #1 search engine in the world. Thanks Google!!! You make our lives so much easier!! 

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