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Long Term SEO - If you have been considering an SEO Service to help provide organic listings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, there are many options to consider. Of course, you can do SEO yourself, but do your really have the time? SEO is not a one time service that is processed overnight.

To begin with your SEO company should provide you with an outline of what is going to be done to help your website rankings in the organic search results. There is onsite SEO and offsite SEO and if you can combine the two, your success rate will be much higher with better long term results.

When you think of SEO, you need to think long term. Yes, you can still get quality search engine optimization with month to month service without being stuck in long term contracts.

The best way to measure on going SEO is through reporting. In the beginning you should have a benchmark report of SEO showing where the site ranks before SEO is implemented.

It's very important to know that targeting long tail keyword phrases will bring you more value, than short keywords. For example, if you sell cars, why not focus on something people search for like "used Ford Mustang for sale Dallas TX" instead of "Ford Mustang". First of all you will get less traffic with a long tail keyword, however the conversion rate of a lead will be higher, than that of a short keyword where you may have higher traffic but no conversions.

Anyhow, as time progresses keep in mind you are paying an SEO for their knowlege and implementation to help you rank higher. The process in not overnight, and you should not pay anyone who promises immediate top results. There have been many penalties for over optimization that only hurt your organic rankings.

Having a long term strategy is the best for having a rewarding SEO campaign that drives quality traffic to your website that turn into leads and potential customers.  SEO is similar to fine wine, the older the better, and this is true about your domain age as well. Although there are no secrets to the magic of SEO, perseverance and strategic analytics, with research is something that you need to consider when hiring an SEO to perform work on your website.


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